Command retdec

gef uses the RetDec decompilation Web API ( to decompile parts of or entire binary. The command, retdec, also has a default alias, decompile to make it easier to remember.

To use the command, you need to provide gef a valid RetDec API key, available by registering here (free accounts).

Then enter the key through the gef config command:

gef➤ gef config retdec.key 1234-1234-1234-1234

You can have gef save this key by saving the current configuration settings.

gef➤ gef save

retdec can be used in 3 modes:

  • By providing the option -a, gef will submit the entire binary being debugged to RetDec. For example,
gef➤ decompile -a


  • By providing the option -r START:END, gef will submit only the raw bytes contained within the range specified as argument.

  • By providing the option -s SYMBOL, gef will attempt to reach a specific function symbol, dump the function in a temporary file, and submit it to RetDec. For example,

gef➤ decompile -s main