Command process-status

This command replaces and obsoletes the commands pid and fd.

Provides an exhaustive description of the current running process, by extending the information provided by GDB info proc command, with all the information from the procfs structure.

gef➤ ps -s zsh
gef➤ attach 22879
gef➤ status
[+] Process Information
        PID  →  22879
        Executable  →  /bin/zsh
        Command line  →  '-zsh'
[+] Parent Process Information
        Parent PID  →  4475
        Command line  →  'tmux new -s cool vibe
[+] Children Process Information
        PID  →  26190 (Name: '/bin/sleep', CmdLine: 'sleep 100000')
[+] File Descriptors:
        /proc/22879/fd/0  →  /dev/pts/4
        /proc/22879/fd/1  →  /dev/pts/4
        /proc/22879/fd/2  →  /dev/pts/4
        /proc/22879/fd/10  →  /dev/pts/4
[+] File Descriptors:
        No TCP connections